Nova with their swimming certificate


I’m grateful for a lovely day out at a conference, nice podcasts on long train journeys. That Nova and Leo got to meet their aunty Lyle. I’m pleased I got to chat to people like Stella and Roy.

I had a nice and relaxed eQuality Time trustee meeting, I got to edit wikipedia for the first time in ages and I love, love the new game on my PS4 (Spider-Man for those interested). I also got a nice new hoodie from Kat.

Nova’s very pleased with their swimming certificate - to the extent of taking it to school to show the teachers and with her new boxing gloves. Leo passed a nice milestone yesterday and successfully relayed a reasonably long message from one parent to the other in another room. (He also appears to have mastered the potty at childminders, which is nice - I was a little worried that success at home didn’t match up with succes elsewhere).