Check out these Shelves! A garage with wooden shelves in it

Bought myself a new toy and used it to make shelves A circular saw on a stand

I spent about £100ish on wood, £20 on bolts and fixtures and £160 on tools (the tool cost will obviously be spread across much more complex future projects). There are sections for my tool chest and for large and small items. It’s far far stronger than it needs to be. I got a little carried away.

The total shelving/storage area is 10m^2 (counting the floor under the shelves). That compares to 5.25m^2 for two 35 pound racks, and about 2m^2 of assorted shelving which is what we had before.

It took me a pair of Saturday afternoons:

The garage before

After the first afternoon

The large proportion of the work was moving things around, and then some solving logistical problems like “How can I hold this in place and mark where the holes need to be”.