Kat and Joe Reddington at a Romantic Dinner

A weekly list of things I’m grateful for - it’s been 337 weeks since I started doing these (I did miss last week).

I’m grateful for being trusted. For being calm when I needed to be. For some lovely bits of Judo.

Nova and I had a wonderful time at our third Annual Daddy-Daughter Firework’s Night Trip; even if Nova did ditch me a bit to hang out with friends; I suspect that’s not the last time :D - She was also an absolute superstar cycling all the way home even if it was well after bedtime. Thank you to everybody we saw and who checked we’d made it back home okay.

I’m super grateful to mum and dad for having the kids for a full day while Kat and I went wild in London - also for pointing out how to fix my garage lights. Also Leo came in the next morning and said “I missed you”, which broke my heart open.

Leo in general has been doing super well at nursery - sentences getting longer, more words coming - and laughing intensely if he sees me hurting myself.

I was so happy I got to have a full week writing last week (to the extent that I didn’t take time to post a gratitude) and I’m grateful to my trustees who let me build up TOIL and my partner who has put up with me building up TOIL when I could have been sorting out shelves, tidying the garage or making dinner.