I’m currently producing the Kindle version of Advanced Memory Palaces. That’s a lot harder than it sounds because I’ve got to change a large amount of the typesetting to get it to work. Also, I don’t want to have to maintain two different versions of the text so I’m trying to make sure that everything will also compile to a pdf.⁰

Helpfully, I recently started writing a book directly for the Kindle. It’s far from publishable but I solved enough of the typesetting-for-epub problems there that I could make a solid effort at producing the Kindle version of Advanced Memory Palaces.

So far I’ve:

  • Fixed Linkboxes
  • Found four or so typos that are hard to see in the print book but much more obvious in the epub format
  • Converted all the footnotes to endnotes
  • Fixed my (over)use of math mode.

I’ve got to find solutions to:

  • Image sizing (in such a way that I can still produce the pdf)
  • Tables
  • Finding a decent local epub viewer (I think I might be resorting to plugging in my old kindle by USB and JUST directly looking at versions that way)
  • Fixing footnotes-within-linkboxes in such a way that it doesn’t break for the pdf.
  • The visual representative of the ‘class’ structure.

This project will be done-done when I’ve both released an actual Kindle version and updated the pdf on the paperback version to one that is more flexible (and has fixed the typos I’ve found)

Update (27 December): The Kindle version went live a few days after this post and I’m taking some time before returning to the pdf. My current excuse is that I want to work on my next book, but I don’t appear to be getting much of that done either.