I have had a very frustrating two weeks.

eQuality Time didn’t get a grant that I really really wanted us to get (it would have been fun, worthwhile, intellectually interesting, and would have covered our costs for the next year) and the knock on effect was that the trustees sensibly reduced my hours to reduce costs. I had a bunch of extra childcare to do because Leo got one of the bugs that three year olds get and had to come home early from nursery three times. I’ve missed my window to get my book draft done (the window was basically ‘before the RHUL job starts’)

So: gratitude. What have I got?

  • The above hasn’t deeply bothered me. I certainly get much more worried about other things that I have less control over.
  • Leo hasn’t had a potty accident at nursery for three weeks, which would have sounded wild four weeks ago. He (or they) have really got the hang of something (even with whatever bug Leo had this week)
  • I got to have a lovely first day on campus at Royal Holloway and catch up with old friends.
  • We’ve worked out the family holiday dates
  • I managed to sort out all the kids toyboxes
  • We had a festive party! Lots of people came and had fun.
  • We have nice new power sockets in the bedroom so we can finally have a nicer cable layout.