A few months ago I had an ambition to read 10,000 pages before the end of the year. I’ve now done it. Here are the books. I like doing counting pages rather than books because I’d rather not be incentivised to read ‘little’ books. There’s some comfort reading in here (Fifth Elephant), quite a lot of ‘turn your brain off’ books, but also some that I wouldn’t have tried before like White Tiger, and the Hilary Mantel books (and indeed, A Memory Called Empire).

I’d like to read more next year (I only started this around the summer), but it’s actually more true to say I’d like to be doing less of the rubbish that I do instead of reading: scrolling, faffing, boredly eating.

Title Pages
A Giant Within 100(unfinished)
Wolf Hall 672
The Unquiet Spirit 217
Deathwatch Omnibus 1239
The Beast Volume 1 771
Bring Up the Bodies 528
White Tiger 336
Blackadder 455
The Mirror and the Light 879
Triggers 272
The Fifth Elephant 464
The Vim Textbook 513
Unbound 304
Vainglorious 334
Mistborn 1 647
Mistborn 2 786
Mistborn 3 768
Unruly Still reading
The Magician Still reading
GTD 352
A Memory Called Empire 465
Total 10102