This week I’m grateful for:

  • Snowflakes
  • Leo asking Nova to play torch mouse with him.
  • A nice visit from my parents
  • My Lego Bonsai tree
  • A general return to the normal pace of our lives to be honest.
  • Kat and I getting through a whole film in an evening.
  • A lovely clean house
  • Finally fixing the heating (it was working, but coming on at the wrong times)
  • Successfully fixing both the toilet and the car
  • A successful MOT! (Unrelated to the bit of the car I needed to fix)

But those are all little things. Honestly this week I’m grateful for small progress over a period of years: there’s a lot of stuff that was fine this month that the Joe of 2018 would have screwed up badly, or dealt with much less well. Like, I feel tired and a little overwhelmed by everything, but at the same time - all my problems are pretty much first-world problems and I’m healthy and capable and looking forward to stuff.