So I wrote this post twice. The first time I sat down to write it I was exhausted and grumpy - and feeling like I’d been generally tired and overwhelmed for weeks (which is all true). However, as I started writing (and going through photos I found more and more things to write about and it cheered me up immensely (which is, of course, part of the point). So I’m writing it again.


After Christmas I did my traditional ‘treat yo’ self’ day and two of the three things I bought arrived this week: I’ve been very cheerfully cooking with my new non-stick pan and fancy apron (I’ve also forgotten what the third thing was)

I’m pleased I got to spend Saturday morning writing my new book - another 2,000 words and a lot of diagrams have added about 20 pages to the draft. Nova is grateful she got a fancy sticker for her Christmas homework, and the whole family is grateful for new Bluey episodes (my anti-screen time crusade is slipping a quite a bit). We got to have a lovely group outing to a wonderful soft play with a group of Nova’s friends: I’d tag everybody but I don’t know if that’s, like, who we are.

Leo and I celebrated our last Father-son day for a while by going to soft play in matching Buzz Lightyear outfits. I had a great Saturday afternoon with the kids while Kat DIY’d: arcades; hot chocolates and a swimming race. Sadly the swimming race was on the floor of Primark. It was cute though

I’m hurtling towards my first lectures for my new job - but I’m very pleased with how helpful and supportive all my new colleges are even if I did go full charlie_conspiracy.gif.

Kat and I had a lovely time last night testing the magic set that is going to be Nova’s birthday present - much more fun than a big trip out for dinner would have been :)

I’ve had a lovely series of phone calls this week, did a podcast interview, and have generally done quite a bit. It’s been a good week