Leo at soft play


Last time I wrote one of these I wrote:

So I wrote this post twice. The first time I sat down to write it I was exhausted and grumpy - and feeling like I’d been generally tired and overwhelmed for weeks (which is all true). However, as I started writing (and going through photos I found more and more things to write about and it cheered me up immensely (which is, of course, part of the point). So I’m writing it again.

…and that’s largely all still true. I’m generally tired, I’m a bit overwhelmed and I’m nursing some back spasm that it’s making movement difficult. I very much don’t fancy writing a gratitude. However, lots of good things have happened:

  • I got a unexpected bonus day with Leo yesterday - we got to do lots of fun bonding things in relative peace.
  • Nova would like everybody to know that they is ‘star of the week’ for their class this week.
  • Leo is extremely pleased with the magnet fishing rod I got out for them
  • Kat and I finally put together Richard’s present for their upcoming visit.
  • Sorting out cupboards
  • An adventure to senate house
  • Fixing the car (the USB charging port broke, it wasn’t anything major)
  • Leo being super good in their gymnastics lesson
  • Nova wanting chippy chips for their birthday dinner
  • Finally fixing the light in the garage that has been broken since at least before Leo was born.
  • Getting some writing done (even if it was on the wrong book)
  • Going to a cool birthday party for one of Leo’s friends

In general I’ve been fighting the spectre of ‘disappointing people whose opinion is important to me’ for the last few weeks - that’s going away as I get a little more into my grove (and as I confess to those people how much they mean to me)