Kat looking cute

A weekly list of things I’m grateful for - it’s been 332 weeks since I started doing these (I did miss last week).

Right, what has gone well since I last (7th February) did a gratitude post?

  • I cleared out the inspection pit in the garage (again!) - and I’ve made proper plans for how to upgrade it.
    • I got to do some writing on my next book! Although mostly I moved around some pictures and updated some diagrams. It still counts.
  • I finally ticked off a scary to-do list item (it was sending an email, but tbf all my scariest to-do items involve ‘sending an email’)
  • I’ve been reading! I reread a book and am most of the way through Unruly.
  • Some niggling neck/shoulder pains that have been bothering me for weeks (I think it was stress) have abated so I was able to get back on the mats at Judo
  • eQuality Time’s accounts have been signed off by an external examiner - I’m very pleased by that.
  • I finally (it’s actually only a week after I intended it) was able to start my pilot my ‘better attendance tracking’ approach for my lectures, which has already paid dividends.
  • My new pan is really good for flipping pancakes