The family about to do the cups game

A weekly list of things I’m grateful for - it’s been 332 weeks since I started doing these.

Today I am very sad and very tired. I’m exhausted by the effort of having been a sensitive irritable mess for the last few days. I’ve hurt my knee, which makes it very hard to exercise away the mood. Also it’s half term and we’re both trying to work and juggle childcare.

So, let me grasp at positivity. This week I am grateful for:

  • a complete proof-of-concept draft of my new book! And I’ve marked it up for the next version!
  • sunny weather again!
  • nova coming back from gymnastics having passed both badge 4, but also badge 3.
  • leo is mastering dressing himself and also telling on his sister. The balance of power there is shifting a little bit and Nova is far from happy about it. I suggested to her that I put a camera in the living room to see which of them was in the right and she is extremely against it for no reason she can quite explain :D
  • I beat Kat at the cup stacking game.
  • lots of new games with the kids this morning, even if I did copy most of them directly from Instagram.
  • a good week in college: engaged students (sharing examples from their own experience; answering questions from other students themselves, rising attendance, that sort of thing)
  • sorting out the guest lectures for the rest of the term
  • making rocket ships with the kids!