The family about to do the cups game

A weekly list of things I’m grateful for - it’s been 332 weeks since I started doing these.

I don’t want to write a gratitude today. I’m grumpy, tired and generally fed up.

For at least the last week I’ve been in full ‘negative vision’ mode. I find fault with everything I see. It’s a superpower when it’s controlled and harnessed but when it drowns out all other voices it’s a great way of ruining things.

So, what can I think of to be grateful for? Let me go through my photos since the 20 February…

  • Leo and I had a bunch of fun days out during half-term
  • I got to use RHUL’s wonderful library collection to pull out some texts for my next memory book.
  • Richard came to stay for two nights! We went to the Centre for Computing History and it was great.
  • Leo had his first go on a PS4
  • I found the missing set of house keys
  • Leo is starting to get used to their bike
  • Nova and I made caramel popcorn
  • I ran a half marathon and then got to go to a lovely birthday celebration.
  • I gave blood.

Now, these are moments, not gratitudes. The gratitude is: I’m grateful that I time to spend with the kids, that I was healthy enough to give blood and fit enough to run a long way. I’m grateful that I have friends that think of me.