Joe with a medal

I ran the High Performance Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago. I took 2 hours and 25 minutes. Strava tells me it’s a personal best but I think it’s actually the same the first HM I did some years ago which Strava didn’t record properly.

Some notes:

  • It turns out it’s fine to get to a Half Marathon a few minutes late (It did take me a while to reach the tail walker)
  • My heartrate was very high for the whole thing and I felt sure I was going to hit a wall but apparently I was just excited.
  • I’d expected to be bored and had downloaded a bunch of things to listen to, but actually I didn’t put my headphones in the whole way round; I just ran with my own thoughts.

I was happy enough with the event to start eyeing marathons in the next few months; it would be nice if this was the year I ticked that particular goal off (and honestly, if I’m going to tick that off, it’s probably better to try it at 42 than 52).