Leo and mud

I’ve been sad, overwhelmed really. A big sign of that is that I’ve only managed one Gratitude post since Valentine’s Day. Today is a good day so I’m making hay while the sun shines.

What am I grateful for this week?

  • That Eleanor let me crawl all over her boat while asking increasingly nerdy questions.
  • How excited Leo was to see the aforementioned boat.
  • That Mum and Aunt Sheila visited and got to spend an evening and a morning playing with the kids.
  • Nice calls with colleagues
  • Cool new Standing desk (dancing while working)
  • Getting to grips with my coursework marking.
  • Fan mail for my book! I have read it out to Kat several times. I am likely to do so again.
  • Successfully rescuing our yeast starter.
  • Lots of food from neighbours
  • Library visits with the kids
  • Nova’s trip to Smyths toys (she was very excited)
  • Successfully hacking together a remote control blind with a hammer, vice, and Vaseline.
  • The possibility that the mechanics have fixed the leak in the car.

I’m excited for Nova’s extremely late birthday party this weekend, the end of university term (so I can give a decent amount of attention to my other jobs) and Nova’s 50th Parkrun this weekend.