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Nova balancing in mud

Gratitude! In the last two weeks there was a second half-marathon and then a full one: again - I could only have done those with Kat taking on full parenting duties. I’m also grateful for Kat’s home made croissants, for learning a bunch of interesting facts, and for getting out on a nature walk with the kids. I’m glad I ticked off various bits of DIY and got stuck in with a bit of Wikipedia editing. I’m mostly grateful for the end of term - there was a lot of coursework to get through in the last few weeks. I’m pleased I’ve got caught up with my birthday dates and I’m excited to go properly on holiday next week. Nova is grateful for getting their ‘ultra marathon’ wristband at parkrun - and for a lovely birthday party! Thank you so much to everybody who came to help us celebrate. I’m grateful for neighbours that help us jump-start the car, for pleasant family road trips, for Leo asking me questions and for a fairly pleasant parents evening.