Kat and hte car boot

This is Kat, very happy with her haul from the first car boot of the year.

This week’s gratitude (since April 9th)

I’m back at work, doing rather a lot all at once, which is fun.

I’m very grateful to have found time for both writing (my work-in-progress is about 3,000 words longer than it was this time last week) and reading (I’m particularly grateful to the Libby app, which I might do a separate post about, because I’ve used it to get through two books this week).

Leo and I are finding more and more ways to bond, which is lovely. His articulation is really improving and everything gets easier with more communication. He got his first choice of school this week, which wasn’t a surprise because Nova goes there but is still worth a little celebration. We got to have a bonus day together this week because his nursery had an inset day so we had a lovely time at softplay and doing some light DIY.

I’m grateful for daylight and nice weather: we’ve been able to take the kids out a lot more and I’ve got some use out of my prescription sunglasses (which I love) and I’m looking forward to a summer of mostly being outside.

I’m very pleased I’ve managed to add 3,000 words to the manuscript for my next book, that feels good (it felt awful while doing it)