This week’s gratitude (since April 17th) - it’s been 332 weeks since I started doing these.

I am enormously grateful for the support of a bunch of people this week, many of whom will never see this. I broke a little bit and threw myself on the mercy of people I trusted and that caught me - I am enormously glad they did.

This week was full I was out of the house for events on two days and one evening (It was great, thank you to everybody I met for taking the time to talk to me); Nova was ill and confined to the sofa for four days, there were 6am Zoom calls and there were a couple of days I was still working at 9pm. There was really nothing left of me at the weekend.

Despite all this overwork - I’m behind on my hours for eQuality Time and feeling grumpy about it. This last two weeks was intended to be my chance to get stuck back in and drive a lot of things forward but

I’m grateful for Kat, who has been super supportive, loving, and generally the best partner one could have. Particularly given that she was also handling the sick child while I wasn’t in the house.

I’m grateful for Leo, who has been quietly passing milestones. Yesterday he told us about something he didn’t like at Nursery (a vast improvement on denying all knowledge) and has been coming back home with all his stickers and generally being a lovable little scamp.

When I pick up Nova from school I ask “What did you do that was kind today?” or ‘strong’, or ‘smart’, or ‘funny’. Yesterday I had a horrible moment talking to her were I couldn’t think of anything that I’d done that was kind or smart and I really don’t want to have days like that often.