This week’s gratitude - it’s been 332 weeks since I started doing these.

Okay, what am I grateful for?

  • A great family trip to Legoland! Also one to Chessington and also to see Disney’s Aladdin Musical. Quite busy really.
  • Related: Kat buying the kids full ski suits so that Legoland in a downpour is actually quite fun.
  • Kat’s lemon cookies.
  • Really getting the hang of reading.
  • Visits from friends.
  • Really good student survey results
  • Getting into a nice process with my marking
  • Lovely meetings with collaborators.
  • Making a family event out of new Bluey episodes.
  • Leo getting a certificate at gymnastics
  • Leo getting an unrelated certificate at Nursery
  • Nova being invited on some special maths event (we know nothing about it, but the key thing from Nova’s perspective is that they are taking the amazing step of traveling in a taxi)
  • Working from home.