Leo's first Parkrun

This week’s gratitude - it’s been 337 weeks since I started doing these.

Leo’s first full Parkrun was this week, it was awesome.

I’m grateful for a half term that filled up with playdates so thank you to Liz, Sam, and others for making that happen. For Nova making friends in Libraries, and for Leo starting to really love cycling.

Thank you to Peter and Andrew for guiding me through the exam marking process. In general I’m grateful that the majority of teaching work has now been done and I can focus much more on eQuality Time (although I’m a bit worried I wrote that last week and the week before - I certainly felt it).

This week Leo had a perfect week at Nursery: eight stickers over four days! Also he cycled home twice! Nova is very pleased with her cartwheels, her new Aphmau (no, me neither), her paper chain and her sticker for tidying up.

Kat is grateful for lake swimming.