Big ben

So I was at the house of commons this week, meeting with some people from NHS England about AAC supply, largely as a result of my work on the Domesday Dataset.

I’ve not fully digested most of the content of the meeting – so I’ll come back and do a proper full blog post when I have. For the moment, It’s fair to say that I was very impressed with the people: smart, professional, clearly with the patient in mind, but less impressed with the policy being carried out (largely on data collection grounds). One thing that was really clear that came out of the meeting was now necessary advocacy groups are for any form of specialised commissioning.  Indeed – it’s becoming clear that the system relies on their existance as a key part of quality control. I need to so some quite hard thinking about how I feel about this in terms of supply, transparency and healthcare.

Currently, it’s showing me the problem with preperation – I had nicely prepared my talks for

Communication Matters National AAC Conference this weekend, and now I find myself ripping them up and starting again